Alcester has always been a place with full of colors and fun. There are interesting places and those places are considered as the main tourist attraction in Alcester. These places not only serve the tourists with great experiences, but it also gives memories to cherish for the locals. In the article, we have listed 5 top tourist attractions in Alcester.

1. The War Memorial Town Hall

This building has been there since 1620. It had a market on its ground floor, which was open in the earlier years, then it became enclosed. It is one of those historical places that will take you to those golden old days. Apart from the ground floors, the rooms in the upstairs are maintained in the same condition and the hammerbeam style ceiling is a great architectural heritage to discover.

2. ST Nicholas Parish Church

This church is situated in the mid of the city and quite easy to reach. The church has a uniquely positioned clock on its tower. The clock is such well planned and positioned that it can be seen from the high street. The Church-yard will also give you a nostalgic feeling as it is surrounded by old houses. The rector built in Georgian-style at the opposite of the church gate enhances the beauty of the place.

3. A Gardening Treat in Longbarn Village

This is the perfect place for the garden lovers. It will give some great ideas and inspiration for your love for gardening. Enjoy the afternoon there and don’t forget to explore the lovely tea room on the site.

4. The City of Bear

Alcester is also known for its amazing beer and many tourists term this place as one of the finest places in terms of beer and its quality. The pubs here are quite exotic and one can have a great time without any worry. There are three amazing pubs The Holly Brush, Turks Head and Three Tuns. All these three pubs are situated in the High Street and were featured in the CAMRA GOOD BEER GUIDE.

5. Ragely Hall, Great Hall and Jerwood Sculpture Park

Ragley Hall, an establishment attached with the Marquess of Hertford is open to the public in the summer. On the other hand, Great Hall is a great place for art lovers as it showcases some amazing artwork throughout the year and you can also spend a quiet time at the Jerwood Sculpture Park and enjoy the soothing breeze there.